Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor

Hello, I’m Tom. I’m a technologist with experience leading teams that invent, build and launch new things on the internet. I’m based in London.

I’m co-founder and CTO of Poplar (previously known as Better Work Lab). We’re building tools for frontline teams. You might enjoy our weekly newsletter, where we share what’re building and learning.

Previously, I was Head of Labs at Bulb Energy, Chief Product Engineer at the Co-op, co-founder and CTO of Newspaper Club (which I exited after a sale in 2015), and a partner in the Really Interesting Group.

I tinker with some side projects, such as FaveJet, a stream of what your friends are faving on Twitter, and CityCyclist, an iOS app for city bike navigation (interview with Rapha). I also maintain Satellite Eyes (The Verge, Wired), a popular open source MacOS app that displays satellite imagery from where you are on your desktop wallpaper.

I blog infrequently at, put links on Pinboard, photos on Flickr, reckons on Twitter, code on GitHub.