Tom Taylor, photo by George Marshall

Tom Taylor

Hello, I’m Tom. I’m a technologist and engineer, with experience inventing, building and launching new things on the internet.

I work at the Co-op as Chief Product Engineer, leading new digital product development.

Previously, I was Head of Technology at Offset, a product invention studio at MOO, and co-founder and CTO of Newspaper Club, where I still sit on the board.

Before that I was a partner in the Really Interesting Group, and a freelancer, doing prototyping and technology strategy for clients such as Apple, GOV.UK, the BBC, and the National Maritime Museum.

Recently, I made FaveJet, which lets you follow what your friends are faving on Twitter. It’s a nice way of discovering things you might not otherwise.

I blog infrequently at For fun, I made an iOS app for city bike navigation called CityCyclist (interview with Rapha), and I maintain Satellite Eyes (The Verge, Wired), a popular open source OS X tool that displays imagery from overhead on your desktop wallpaper.

I put links on Pinboard, photos on Flickr, reckons on Twitter, code on GitHub.

Email: (GPG key [A284 BCDA 7739 DD78 0E7E D598 E290 A3B5 2924 FE9F], Keybase)